3 Humble Blogging Tips

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my boyfriend about my new website. He said that it looked great but then questioned where my blog was. I then began to rattle off a hundred excuses why I didn't have one and then it hit me, I NEED A BLOG. Surprised Face

To me, blogs have always been a little vain. I never had a Live Journal and I consider myself pretty private when it comes to sharing information on social media (probably a result of growing up when Web 2.0 was first introduced.)


Here is the Catch 22, however, I tell ALL of my clients how important blogging is, not only for their SEO (more on that later) but also for building an organic relationship with your audience. So what the heck was I doing preaching, but not practicing? SMH.

Jimmy Swaggart

Blogging is inherently vain, but then again so is social media. But just because it's vain, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. In fact you SHOULD do it! Looking in the mirror is vain, but you do it every morning, don't you? Taking selfies is vain, but you do it every time you are in traffic, don't you? Do it, just be HUMBLE.

Vanity Fail

Here are some tips for blogging/tweeting/facebooking/tumbling/ humbly:

1. Speak the truth.

2. Provide relevant, consistent, and insightful content.

3. Engage with your audience frequently.

That's it! Sounds easy enough right? Now you (and I) just have to commit to blogging consistently so your audience doesn't lose interest. Unless you are the most interesting man in the world, then you can blog whenever the hell you want to....


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