4 Ways to Get More Eyeballs on Your Facebook Posts

Recently I had an old friend contact me via Facebook. He asked if I had any tips that might help boost the reach of his post. While I can't tell you ALL of my secrets, here are a few tips to help you get started. As always, it's always better to hire a professional if you have a personal aversion to Facebook. The following tips are for those that have a rudimentary understanding of how Facebook works. Image

1.KEEP TEXT SHORT AND SWEET: The brain processes a lot  of things every day. If you tend to be wordy and go off on rants, consider hiring someone who is a professional wordsmith. Get your text around 160 characters and you'll feel like this guy:


2. PETE AND REPEAT: Try saying the same thing a few different ways. For ex. if you want to announce a giant SALE happening soon, try using a variety of images, captions, times. Variety is the spice of life, see? :


3. IMAGES: We are visual creatures. The more intriguing the image, the more likely people will stop and read your caption. Take a shot at captioning this awesome photo:

Image 4. HUMOR: There is a reason memes are so popular. not only are they usually attached to a funny picture, but the catchier ones will always get shared more. Create and share your own meme at this website. It took me like 10 seconds to make the one below to advertise my fake book sale. I might include a caption like: "ERMAHGERD, don't miss the giant book sale happening this Friday from 12p-5p. Visit our website for more info: www.nelliesbookwarehouse.com."


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