A Virus You Want to Catch



Ever wonder how to make a video go viral? Just take notes from Ylvis, a Norwegian variety group. "The Fox" video is currently circulating the interweb and I must say, it is pretty damn amazing. The video was barely published on YouTube on September 3rd and it already has over 4 million hits.


Let's look at why this video went viral: 

1. It's hilarious: I dare you to not literally lol while watching it. After laughing, I triple dog dare you not to share it with at least one friend on your Facebook profile. Videos become viral because we can't wait to share our Internet gems with our funny frens.


2. It's poking fun at something that we all love...cheesy pop songs: There have been an endless amount of pop songs in history that have ridiculous lyrics, yet we can't seem to change the dial because, face it, you LOVE IT. The more ridiculous, the better. 


3. It's SO DAMN CATCHY: In just a few days I have caught myself (on more than one occasion) belting out "WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?" Either I have a mental illness or Ylvis are fucking geniuses. 


Oh, and the video was released to promote their show's upcoming season. There is no way they would have reached this level of international exposure by taking out a few thousand dollar ads on Facebook. Bravo Ylvis! You have showed the world the viral video light and we will never be the same again....



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