Cranking Up Your Google Ranking With Three Easy Steps

Is there anyone out there that is still denying the fact that updating social media and blogging regularly is a waste of time? Peep these real-life examples and then email me for a consultation after you pick your jaw up from the floor. Image

1. USE HASHTAGS PEOPLE!- One of my clients,  a real estate development company in Los Angeles, was recently featured on The California Redwood Company's blog because they saw a photo on the ReInhabit Instagram. I uploaded the photo on Instagram and hashtagged "redwood." Apparently, someone on their marketing team was searching for relevant hashtags, and came across our page. They reached out to Rudy, the CEO of ReInhabit, and asked to interview him. Awesome! That being said, please don't abuse hashtags. Only use them if they are KEY WORDS. #you #dont #have #to #hashtag #every #single #word #you #type.


2. UPDATE BLOG AND SOCIAL MEDIA OFTEN- Another one of my clients, a rag doll maker in Washington DC, recently got a call from someone who had searched "rag dolls washington DC" on Google. The first search result that popped up was my client's company. This is not a miracle people, blogging and updating social media frequently has been proven to boost your rating on search engines. Search engines will bump your company's website up if there is frequent activity on your site.


3. ASK INFLUENTIAL INDUSTRY PEOPLE TO WRITE A BLOG POST FOR YOUR BLOG AND/OR DO A BLOG SWAP- No, that doesn't mean you have to stalk Kim K and beg her to Instagram a picture of herself in your company's shirt. It does mean, however, that you are going to have to do some research. For example, my client, Casa Victoria, sells vintage furniture and home accessories. A few months ago, I reached out to Madison Modern Home, a home staging company in Los Angeles. Not only were they customers of Casa Victoria, but they already had their own successful blog. I asked them to write a guest blog post and they happily agreed.


That's it! Easy huh? If you are thinking "I could do that" but you haven't done it thus far, you probably don't have the time. You have to set aside the appropriate amount of time to update your blog and manage your social networks frequently. If you simply don't have the time, you're in luck...there are people out there that can do it for you!

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