Diaries Aren't Just For Sissies! 3 Websites That Encourage Writing

There is no denying that the art of writing (physically holding a pen or pencil and scribbling your thoughts on paper) is dying.


I used to write in a journal quite frequently but now I'm lucky if I write an entry once every few months. To me, writing an entry was always therapeutic and cathartic. I credit journal writing to helping me get through those awkward middle school years, and allowed me to zen out on many sleepless nights.


It allowed me to center my thoughts and at the same time, provided a written history of my feelings and important life events. I love reading my old journals now and laughing at all the "traumatic things" that happened to me over the years.


Here are a few sites that allow you to keep a journal without ever having to look away from your precious computer screen.

1. 750 Words- This site is an online journal that limits your typing to 750 words a day. The site allows you to return to the entry within the 24 hours but archives it after the 24 hours has passed. This is a great tool for free-writing. Basically just start typing anything you can think of until you start tapping into the subconscious.

2. KidBlog- This site is meant to be used by teachers so that they can monitor their classes blog entries but could very easily be used by a parent who is monitoring his or her child's blog. Not that I endorse snooping, but it would be a nice way to keep track of your little one's writing habits.

3. Penzu.com- Penzu is a personal journal and an online diary. There is no limit to how many pages you can write and even looks like a pad of paper. Free to sign up (unless you want the premium account.)

Even though a pen and paper is hard to come by these days, there is no denying that writing is important. Dedicate at least 30 minutes every week to writing and watch the impact it makes on your decision making and overall happiness.


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