Never Say No- 3 Things to Say Instead

Double negatives cancel each other out when we are talking about dollar signs. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the more you say "NO" to clients, the less frequently you will be called upon. It's important to diversify your skill set so that you can make yourself more attractive to your clients. This is not attractive....[youtube=] 2014 kicked off with a pretty great momentum. I have recently expanded my skill set to include AdWord Research, SEO specialist, PR Research Specialist, and Badass. Why? Because a client asked me to do something I didn't know how to do initially and I said YES. The beauty about working from home is that you can Google anything you don't know and there is probably some schmuck in the midwest who has made a YouTube tutorial about it in his mom's basement.

Mom's Basement

Here are a few things you can say to clients INSTEAD of "No":

1. Sure

Jon-Hamm-Sure-Thing2. Okey-dokey


3. Absolutely

Absolutely FabulousAll jokes aside--here is the real list:

1. I think I know the direction you want to go in. Let me play around with it and I will get back to you. 

Use this line when your client asks you to change something simple on their Wordpress blog or MailChimp form. A quick Google search should produce the results you need.

2. Let me consult another professional and I will send a proposal within a day or two.

Who cares if the professional you are consulting is the midwest schmuck? He is still a somebody! The day or two will buy you some time. If you still can't find the answer....

3. I am going to refer you to someone who is a trained professional in this arena. Here is her number...

It's important to make connections with other people in the industry. Join, put out a Craigslist ad, do whatever it is you need to do to network. I once read somewhere that most entrepreneurs had a mentor that they could get advice from. Find a mentor! Be someone's mentor! You may be smart, but you most certainly don't know everything. If someone you know is a better copywriter than you, ask her if you can send her gigs occasionally. She will more than likely say "YES" (if she reads this blog) and she will be more inclined to send people to you!


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