My 40 Hour Work Week

My 40 Hour Work Week


1. Staring at a Computer Screen For Extended Periods of Time Will Cause Blindness

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it does hurt. The other day I had a headache that started in the afternoon and carried over into my sleep. On the bright side, I'm excelling at Excel in ways I never knew possible. Bet you've never done a "soft return" quite as soft as me. 

2. Cookies Will Fix Almost Anything

Yesterday I was in a serious Thursday afternoon slump. It was 3:30 and all I wanted to do was go home. I got up from my cube to use the ladies room and like a beacon of hope, there was a giant pile of unattended cookies sitting outside the break room. Before I could contemplate the morality of it all-- I snatched one up and I gobbled it down. The only thing I regret is not grabbing another one. 

3.  You'll Always Be Tired

A good friend of mine told me that eventually (after a year) your tired self will become your normal self. Um, seriously? It's true--my body is getting used to sleeping 6-7 hours a night-but I wouldn't say that it feels good. In fact, it's terrible. 

Overall it feels good to break out of my comfort zone even if it means I have minimal time for sleep, friends, the gym, and my other clients. How do people with kids not have permanent sand bags under their eyes? 

*photo by Laura Gilchrist, Flickr

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Relaxation Guilt is a Real Thing

Relaxation Guilt is a Real Thing

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Want To Be A Busy Bee? Use A Staffing Agency