(UPDATE) Lackluster Logo | 3 Online Sources for Cheap Logo Design

(UPDATE) Lackluster Logo | 3 Online Sources for Cheap Logo Design

Having a well designed logo can make or break your business. Not only should your logo catch the attention of your audience but it should also reflect your business' purpose.

This is a logo FAIL.

This is a logo FAIL.

Just because logos are important, doesn't mean you should have to take out a separate business loan to have a graphic designer create one for you. Instead, I have provided three cheap, and relatively easy sites to assist you in the daunting process. 

1. Creative Market

This site has templates for all kinds of design elements including websites, resumes, business cards, and logos. Templates are uploaded by graphic designers and vary in price (all generally under $20.) Once you purchase the template, they send you the .psd file so that you can manipulate the logo yourself. 

Pros: Cheap and hip designs. Site is easy to use.

Cons: Not the place to go if you want a 100% personalized logo.

2. 99 Designs

A group of hungry graphic designers compete to give you the logo of your dreams (err, I mean budget.) In 7 days you'll have dozens of personalized designs to choose from. 

Pros: If you aren't satisfied with any of the designs, you get your money back. If you are satisfied with the designer, you can work them on future projects using 1-to-1 Projects.

Cons: Can get pricey if you are looking for higher quality designs. Chances are the more experienced designers won't bid on your project if your budget is set low.

3. Logo Yes

This site is great if you want to have a more hands on approach to your logo. First, you select an image from their extensive gallery, then you add your font. Once you are satisfied with how it looks, you purchase the file at checkout. 

Pros: The fake logo I created was only going to cost me .99. Yep, you read that right, only 99 cents! CHEAP!

Cons: The images in their gallery are pretty generic (although I will say they are a step up from clipart.) Not the best place to go if you are looking for uniqueness.

*BONUS, Canva

I recently stumbled upon another great Logo site and thought I'd better add it to the list. Basically you go to the site, choose which logo template makes the most sense for your brand and then edit it to your liking. It is easy to use and the logo templates they have available are clean and modern. If you want premium designs or icons you‘ll have to fork out a bit more (like $1), but that seems incredibly reasonable considering just how personal you can get with the design. You can even upload your own pictures or icons. I will definitely be bookmarking this site for future  logo design projects. 

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