3 Startups I Am Most Excited About (Right Now)

3 Startups I Am Most Excited About (Right Now)

Does anyone else get as excited about startups as me? I could seriously waste an entire day scanning through the latest and greatest startups on Angel.co.

Below you will find 3 startups that I am most excited about, as of now. 

1. CustomMade.com


"We're empowering Makers to create things people love."

CustomMade.com is a platform that pairs consumers with skilled artisans who will custom make anything he or she can think of (furniture, clothes, toys, games, art, music, etc.) This company wants to change the way people buy things by giving consumers an alternative outlet to shopping at big-box retailers.

Bonus--you get a product that is completely unique AND you are "shopping local."

2. LikeTwice.com


"Sell your clothes, and get paid."

Twice buys and sells gently used clothing online. I know what you are thinking, "Hasn't this already been done like a thousand times before?" Well, yes and no. While the buy/sell concept isn't so new, Twice takes it a step further by offering prepaid shippings bags or prepaid shipping labels (if you use your own box) in order to initially sell your items. You can then schedule a pickup from your doorstep. Once they receive your items, Twice makes an upfront cash offer, professionally photographs the garments, and lists them for sale. If Twice doesn't buy your clothes, they will send them back to you for $5 or donate them to charity for free.  

Bonus--they offer free returns within 30 days of purchase if you don't like your items.

3. Ifttt.com


"Put the internet to work for you."

If this then that was brought to my attention by another social media nerd like myself, Tyler Tadej. Essentially, If This Then That (or Ifttt for short) allows users to create recipes that assist with automation. Stay with me here. If you manage a lot of different social media networks, you can set up a recipe that works for your brand, and the content will post to multiple platforms automatically (unless you specify otherwise.) For example, I recently set up a recipe that looks like this "If I pin an item to one of my boards on Pinterest, then it will automatically post to my Tumblr account." The recipes are really simple to set up and they have a TON of them to choose from. 

Bonus--as of right now, the site is free to use--and easy, did I mention easy? 


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