SkyMall Frustrations: To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

Upon boarding my flight last week, I made the sudden realization that my Frontier flight not only lacked a SkyMall catalog subscription but also their very own in- flight magazine. This disheartening news not only made me mad but seriously depressed. The only thing that keeps my highly caffeinated mind from producing dark thoughts about the plane bursting into a flames is thumbing through one of the dumbest catalogs on the planet (second to none other than Lillian Vernon.)

It was at that moment that I tweeted to @FlyFrontier that they were so cheap that they didn't even have a subscription to everyone's least favorite in-flight form of entertainment, SkyMall. Within 30 minutes they tweeted back: 

Let me back up a little bit--I don't always tweet my frustrations with brands but after the way that Frontier responded, I will most likely do it again.

I appreciated their response. Honestly, it made me laugh. But  it was also one of the bullshit automated-esque responses that make me want to barf in my mouth. "We decided not to renew our contract." A better response would have been "In order to keep costs low, we have eliminated superfluous expenses. Other airlines would have passed this expense on to their customers. Thanks for choosing us." or maybe try something funny/smart ass-like a link to the SkyMall catalog online. I really wasn't upset about SkyMall--seriously--it's more of a tradition for me to flip through it and pick out which things I would buy if I were so freaking rich money didn't matter--but I wasn't upset about that. I just really wanted to vent. 

The moral of the story--yes, it's great that Frontier responded so quickly, but they lose points for their automated "customer service" politeness. It would have been MUCH more effective if they had thrown a little wit in there as well. 

Those of you with brands--do you address all negative commentary? Only certain commentary?  What are your parameters? 

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