My Own Worst Enemy Monday

I am going to try a little something new so that I make sure to stay on top of my blogging game. Up until yesterday, I relied on random slips of paper and untitled TextEdit docs to keep me organized throughout the week. While this may seem like an OK idea in theory, try coming back from a week long vacation to a notebook full of chicken scratch and random text documents. 

Needless to say, after getting back from Atlanta last week, I found myself disoriented, behind, and overwhelmed.  What do I do when I'm overwhelmed? I lurk. A seemingly innocent "fifteen minutes" of scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed quickly turned into 2 hours of lurking my best friend's boyfriend's mom's Italian vacation. Seriously, what is WRONG WITH ME? I will tell you what is wrong with me, I lack a structured calendar to keep me focused. 

It was just yesterday that I decided to make my mid-year resolution to start using a calendar app once and for all. Side note--iCal is awful, just awful. So far I am digging my Google Calendar and I appreciate the fact that they send me emails prior to the deadline ( I know that I have the power to change these notifications, but I like that it is built it--feels like I have a diligent assistant feeding me my daily itinerary.) 

That being said--part of my organizational transformation is to start writing themed blog posts at least three times a week. As someone who is addicted to crossing things off her to-do list, I have high hopes for my success. I have already programmed the weekly themes into my Google Cal and there is NO turning back :)

Monday's theme--MUSIC! Every Monday I will choose one song that I am currently hyped about (or maybe just one that I can't get out of my head.) Since I have already written too much already, I will just leave you with this weekly jam by Citizens! Hope you enjoy: 

Feel free to leave me comments if you dig the song too or have recommendations for me. Aside from the occasional furry friend sauntering into say Hi (and/or feed me) being self-employed can get pretty lonely sometimes <insert sad emoji here>.

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