5 Things You Didn't Know The Internet Could Do

5 Things You Didn't Know The Internet Could Do

The internet is an amazing thing. I am honored to be the last generation that knows what the world was like prior to the world wide web takeover. And let me tell you, it pretty much sucked. While I may be losing my ability to spell without the help of my assistant spell check or have conversations with people face to face that aren't awkward, I have everything I ever need at my fingertips! In case you've been living under a rock or you are one of the few that still has a landline telephone, I have provided you with 5 things you didn't know the internet could do. Now you never have to leave the house again!

1. Fax Machine

office space fax machine

Yesterday I found myself in a state of panic because I needed to have some documents faxed and like every tech-savvy millennial I know, I don't own a fax machine. It infuriates me that people still think this is an acceptable way to communicate information. Anyways, my state of panic quickly subsided after a quick Google search. There are quite a few services out there that will actually allow you to fax and receive documents with your computer and printer/scanner! Here is the site  I used to fax my documents and the experience was pretty painless. Bonus, you get to send up to 5 documents a month FREE. Happy faxing!

2. Bank

bank fees

Last year I decided to take the leap and join an online bank. I was tired of Bank of America slipping in hidden fees every time I turned around. For years I had an online checking account with BOA which basically meant my account was free as long as I never stepped into the actual bank to make a deposit. Instead, I had to use the ATM to carry out all my transactions. Here BOA is making money from investing MY money and I have to pay a service fee if I step in the air-conditioned bank to make a deposit? No thanks. For now I am sticking with Ally Bank, it's awesome, free, and their customer service rocks!

3. Post Office

post office meme

What if I told you, you never had to step foot into a post office again? As long as you have a printer, computer, and internet connection, you can print labels directly from home. You can also track packages, buy stamps, change your address and much MORE! If you haven't been to the USPS site recently, you should. 

4. Personal Trainer

personal trainer fail

One of the reasons I love the world wide web, is because you have so many more options. Need a personal trainer but embarrassed to be on parade at your local gym? Have a crazy schedule but can't find a trainer that can accommodate your graveyard shift lifestyle? Feeling like the personal trainers available in your area don't have a clue what they are doing? Consider hiring a virtual personal trainer to help you obtain your goals. Getting in shape can be a touchy subject, which is why having some distance between you and the trainer might be exactly what you need to start feeling comfortable in your own skin again.

5. Continuing Education

mba meme

Every few years I have a moment where I think about continuing my education. The moment quickly fades when I look up how much it costs to do so. Since I'm not really interested in racking up $50,000 in debt overnight, I have been searching for ways to expand my skill set. Luckily, my friend the internet has my best interests at heart. I have been able to gain a fundamental understanding of German with a free site called Duolingo. In addition, a site called Coursera offers free courses from 80+ top universities and top organizations. The courses include those form Law, Arts, Computer Science, Business Management and Biology.

Instead of viewing your computer as an email and Facebook factory only, expand your mind to all the wonderful possibillites of the internet

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