How To Make Sure Your Dream Becomes A Reality (Even If Self-Doubt Says You Don't Deserve It)

How To Make Sure Your Dream Becomes A Reality (Even If Self-Doubt Says You Don't Deserve It)

Sabotoge Self-doubt

I've been doing a lot of writing lately. But not just that, I've been sending my writing to various publications to see if they're interested in what I've got to say. And guess what, they are!

Here are two of my latest articles: 
Saguaro Sisters, Zócolo Magazine
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You see, having a dream (getting paid to do what you love) is one thing, but making sure that dream becomes a reality can be a daunting task. Why? Because your biggest enemy, self doubt, will try to convince you that you don't deserve it. But guess what, YOU DO!

My Goal:

I want to be a bestselling author. I want to bridge the gap between aloneness and connectedness with my writing. I want to empower others (especially women) to live more authentic lives.

My Self-doubt:

Um, you aren't qualified.

The truth is, no one really knows what they're doing. We are all just roaming around this big ol' world doing the best we can. If you are waiting for a magical moment to feel qualified it's never going to happen; not after your MBA, not after your 40th birthday, and not after the day after tomorrow.

If you want to pursue a dream and you aren't sure of where to start, I've got some advice for you:

1/ Just start. If you practice anything long enough, you will become an expert. If you want to be a writer, then for God's sakes, WRITE! Write every day. Start a blog (even if no one reads it). Buy a journal and then write in it. 

2/ Call yourself a writer. When you meet new people and they ask what you do, don't say: I work as an HR manager. Say this instead: I'm a writer. 

It's scary, I know, but it's also likely to spark a very interesting conversation, and you never know, that person might know someone, who knows someone who can help you. It's also likely that the person you'll have the hardest time convincing is yourself. Once you get over that hurdle, the rest is easy. 

3/ Tell your closest confidantes about your new passion. Not only will they offer support when self-doubt kicks but they'll likely ask you how it's going along the way. This keeps you on track so you don't get distracted with, well, LIFE. 

Oh, and by the way confidantes...I'm writing a book :) The first draft has already been sent to a friend of a friend (who happens to be a publisher.) I am anxiously awaiting feedback and will let you know if I hear any updates. Until then, I encourage you to go ahead and get started on whatever it is your heart has a hankering for. Your future self will thank you. 

Set Intentions Not Goals

Set Intentions Not Goals

Instead of Sending Me Gifts This Christmas, Don't.

Instead of Sending Me Gifts This Christmas, Don't.