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Yoga Workshop for Period Pain
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If you experience painful periods, you're not alone. About 80% of humans who bleed will experience period pain at some point, and for 5-10% of us, that pain is extreme enough to disrupt our regular routine. In this period pain yoga workshop, you’ll learn how to alleviate uncomfortable period symptoms such as bloating, cramps, and mood swings with a gentle, soothing practice.

Unfortunately there still aren't a lot of medicine-free options for those of us experiencing painful periods (and trust me, I’ve tried them all…heating pad, warm bath, crunches, orgasm, tea.) For some of us, the pain killer only really numbs the pain temporarily enough for us to get on with our day. When we go to the gyno to ask what can be done about the pain, we are told that "birth control alleviates some of these symptoms." Not helpful! You know what is helpful? Learning how to give your body what it needs.

When:  Tuesday 18th of September, 2018 19:30- 21:00 

Where: Möckernstraße 76

Who is this workshop for:

Anyone who would like to better understand how to nourish their bodies during their menstrual cycle and alleviate symptoms associated with menstruation without medicine or hormones.

Price: 25 Euro / 1.5 hours

Format of workshop:

1/ First, we'll go through a list of poses you can do to help alleviate symptoms associated with menstrual pain/PMS and connect to your femininity. We'll explain why the poses help as well as demonstrate the correct form. 

2/ Next, Hanna Turner, our experienced Yogi, will lead you through a gentle, yet soothing practice that will help you cultivate compassion for yourself and acceptance of your body.

3/ Finally, we'll end the workshop with a calming meditation and share some mantras you can recite when dealing with PMS symptoms.

Afterward, feel free to stick around for some warm tea and conversation. After the workshop, you'll receive an email with a list of all the poses and an uplifting message you can share with your friends.


Write Nicole at

Please note:

We only have space for 10, so if you think you might be interested, please purchase your ticket in advance! In addition, you’ll need to bring your own yoga mat and blanket (optional.)

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About the teacher

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 16.06.39.png

I’m Hanna, and my yoga bio won’t be in the third person because guess who’s writing it? Me! I’m an Australian-born RADelaidian, currently residing in Berlin (because I’m cool like that). I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years and decided to make the transition to teacher from the very beginning. The actual transition happened much later.But finally I trotted off to Bali and became certified to teach hatha, vinyasa, meditation, pre- and post-natal, and children’s and teens yoga. Yay!

You can’t touch your toes?! Don’t bother coming to a class! I could barely reach my knees when I started, because I’m a real human with a real human body that doesn’t do the things I want it to do – all the time! But I learnt very quickly that yoga is so much more than a hand-to-toe connection, and sharing those learnings makes me a very happy yogi.

My classes are as easy or challenging as you want to make them. I aim to provide an accessible class for students of all levels, but I cannot guarantee you won’t hear terrible jokes. If you can breathe, you can do yoga, and don’t let those skinny Insta bitches make you feel like you can’t. The path continues to divert for me, this time, I get to share it with some peeps along the way. I hope you’re one of them.