Website Workshop for Women

Website Workshop for Women


Are you a female identifying entrepreneur or business owner in need of a beautiful website? I want to help you make a beautiful site on the cheap! I know firsthand that finding funds for a nice site isn't easy. That's the reason I taught myself to build sites in the first place! Now I want to share my 10+ years of content marketing, website building and PR strategy with you in this 3-hour Squarespace website workshop.

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Length: 3 hours

Platform: I use Squarespace when building sites for clients. Please note that the first two weeks are free and after that, you'll have to pay an annual fee of ~100 Eur/year. That includes the hosting costs.

Workshop Curriculum:

1/ Introduce ourselves and our businesses, as well as describe the current status of our websites. I will show you a few examples of websites I’ve built.

2/ I will do a quick intro to Squarespace. A quick intro to branding. Basics of SEO. I will share with you a few sites that I use to find free images and create graphics such as a logo.

3/ We will spend some time researching competitor sites and writing down elements that we also want on our website (such as a blog, about page, contact page.)

4/ I will walk you through how to build a simple site using one of the templates on Squarespace.

What You Get:

We will be covering a LOT of information in such a short time so I will be moving rather quickly...but you will leave the class with a basic understanding of the backend of Squarespace, the knowledge of how to build a simple website yourself, and a few branding tools that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

I will also provide tea and some light snacks :)


After the class is over, and you have more questions, you can always schedule a one on one session with me, or else I will be available by email. Think of me as your fairy techmother--a continuous support on your entrepreneurial journey :)

**** Oh and the workshop will be mansplain-free zone, which means you'll feel safe to ask any question, no matter how stupid you think it is.

****And if you're a man whose interested in the workshop, please reach out for a one on one consultation.

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