Nicole Paulus

I'm a Berlin-based Squarespace website designer, writer, digital marketing strategist, and self-work enthusiast who has a knack for bringing clarity to chaos. What does that mean? I’ll help you develop the divine reality within yourself. Whether you want to reinvent your personal brand or just follow your curiosities, you've come to the right place. Ready to feel empowered? Book a digital marketing service, attend one of my self-work workshops, or read my blog today. 


Digital Marketing Services


Need a website revitalisation, hankering for a social media strategy, wondering what the hell an SEO is?  Outsource all things digital marketing, content writing, and editing so you have more time to focus on the things you actually love doing, like running your business.

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Self-Work Workshops


Self-work workshops are a series of workshops that will help you develop the divine reality within yourself. Participants will learn a new skill for their CV, delve deeper into a topic of interest, or learn how to make something with their hands.

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My mission is to empower others to lead more joyful lives via self-work. If you don't live in Berlin or can't attend a workshop, you can still gain inspiration by reading the blog. Topics include everything from toxic relationships to strengthening intuition. 

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Meet Nicole

Everything I do stems from my passion for empowering others, especially womxn, to live more joyful, purposeful and authentic lives.


“We have two lives... the life we learn with and the life we live after that.”

— Bernard Malamud


Don’t Take My Word For It

Whether you’re attending a self-work workshop, reading about my journey on the blog, or hiring me for a digital marketing service, I hope that the experience helps you uncover your own magic spark and empowers you to reach new heights.