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Lust for Life

I’m a Berlin-based Digital Marketing Strategist and natural communicator who has a passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs gain the visibility they deserve. I love bringing clarity to chaos.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of random jobs like photoshopping nipples, editing dog food labels, and driving Snoop Dogg around, but my specialities include content writing, editing, PR strategy, social media management and website design.

In my spare time, I write (especially personal essays about my period) and volunteer with Days for Girls - an international organization that makes and distributes reusable menstrual pads for humans in developing countries who bleed monthly.

I am a self-proclaimed self-work enthusiast. What does that mean? That I believe courage is a muscle you develop by leaving your comfort zone and trying new things. While on my own self-work journey, I felt inspired to start a series of empowerment workshops, where people can learn a new skill in a safe space. Past workshops include: budgeting, website design, yoga for period pain, & yoga for body love.


I have a Bachelor of Communication from the University of Arizona.

My writing has been featured at, ExBerliner, and iheartberlin.

I am an authorised Squarespace Trainer and Squarespace Circle Member.

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