You Are a Creative Creator Creating Your Own Creations

You Are a Creative Creator Creating Your Own Creations


The next time you think “oh I’m not that creative” can you just shut your pie hole? You are so creative that you just created this belief that you were not creative! Get out of here with that mess!

Seriously though…you are creating your own reality each and every day. From the moment your eyes pop open and you immediately grab your phone to check your messages/scroll though Instagram, you are creating your reality. Each person’s early morning reality will look slightly different depending on which influencers you follow. Personally, I prefer strictly meme accounts. 

The things you wear, the foods you eat, the songs you listen to on Spotify have all been created — by you. Though you may have not woven your own underpants, you certainly picked them out, and if you didn’t pick them out “Thanks Grandma!” then you certainly made the choice to put them on your bare ass and if you didn’t make the choice to put them on your bare ass then you certainly made the choice to share a house with someone who feels fulfilled putting the handwoven underpants your grandma made you on your bare ass. 

Do you get the point, yet? 

You ARE a creator. And you are a damn good one. But you don’t need me to tell you that, because you already know! 

Now I know what you’re probably thinking,

“I didn’t create this massive nose on the front of my face.” 

No, but you created the idea that it was a bad one, one not worthy of love or spontaneous selfies. 

I didn’t create all these evil things happening in the world.” 

No, but you created a pattern where you only focus on the negative headlines in the media instead of connecting with real humans and listening to their stories. 

“I didn’t create this cold ass weather.”

No, but you created this negative thought! Haven’t you ever heard of fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, and puzzles? Invite a friend over under these conditions and bet me you won’t have fun. BET ME! YOU WOULDN’T DARE!

The point is, we ARE creators. We create our perceptions, our surroundings, and our thoughts. We are such good creators that our thoughts go on to create our reality!

Because we have the power to create— we also have the power to destroy. We can easily destroy something that isn’t working for us anymore like a negative thought pattern or a limiting belief. You literally don’t have to do ANYTHING you don’t want to. You don’t have to stay in a toxic relationship, get hammered on the weekend, shave your arm pits, or even recycle. 

I’m saying all of this because I believe in you. I believe in everyone. We all have the power to create a beautiful life for ourselves if only we believe we are the ones driving our own bus. Now put on your captain’s hat and pull up your big girl panties, it’s GO TIME , goddamnit! Get out there and CREATE!!

If you’re still not convinced, try the following exercise to evoke the magical creator inside:

1/ First, put this song on, the louder the better!

2/ Now take out a pen and piece of paper and write one limiting belief or negative thought you might have about yourself or the world. An example of a limiting belief would be, “I am not good with money.”

3/ Now write down the desired action followed by what you need to do to achieve it.

“I WILL be good with money once I create the environment that supports this desire.”

4/ Now write down three actions you can take to create that very environment:

  • Read an article about budgeting.

  • Take a workshop on budgeting.

  • Practice an attitude of gratitude - every time you feel like you don’t have enough money, write down 10 things you are absolutely grateful to have.

Make sure to share your creative journey with the rest of the self-work workers over here.

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